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, a lot of energy with this western system and another ice storm on the way for parts of the south and into the mid-atlantic and even the northeast. we're looking at snow for the sierra nevada and then we could see a few snow flakes in around around l.a. if you can believe it. this energy is going to combine with that very cold arctic air and then another low pressure that forms across the south and that's going to give us the potential for the next ice storm sunday into monday as we continue to watch this northeast and the mid-atlantic, a wintery mix but again a lot of warm air overriding shallow cold air and with that the potential of freezing rain. we could see a quarter inch to half an inch of ice on the roadways. by monday it will mainly be rain as all of this warm air pushes northward. that's a quickoxpcç look. there is our 32 degree line and we'll look for icing from the carolinas, d.c., jersey and new york. the time line certainly tomorrow and monday watching this area, the south, the mid-atlantic and the northeast carefully. stay off the roads if you live in these areas.
. >> thank you, kelly. there are some new concerns over so-called energy drinks. accord to a brand-new study, those beverages can pose a serious risk to your heart. creating a rapid increase in your heart rate within an hour of drinking them and that creates unneeded stress to your heart. just a tease of what you'll get tomorrow on "sunday house call." a lot of people drink these energy drink. you say it's not the caffeine in them, it's this other ingredient i've never heard of, torene. what is torene? >> a form of amino acid. there's a big concern about these energy drinks. the number of emergency room admissions as a result of energy drinks has doubled. this is mostly between the age of 18 to 25. that's one of the reasons why some of the researchers and scientists out there, including the germans have looked at -- even though it's a small study, they looked at about 18 adults and saw there was an increase in heart rate by about 15%. what's the reason behind this? we know you have the caffeine, you have torene. it's a form of amino acid which is really not supposed to hurt you but the quest
atomic energy agency will be allowed to visit sites and iran will cooperate. that is all very interesting as to the sites that are declared to the ia ea. and famous iraq heavy water reactor that produces plutonnium. what what is not covered is sites that iran is already enriching uranium and sites that we would like to see where the weaponization work is going and ballistic missile program. >> you conclude the report ronald reagan said trust but verify. and he meant what he said. does president obama not? >> first you have to trust. i wont trust the iranian government ch which lied for 20 years. i wont trust them with spare electrons and if they end up with the capability to enrich uranium even to reactor grade that violates a score or half dozen un security regulation they are at the break out point to nuclear weapon. >> john bolton, thank you. thank you, mr. ambassador. alisyn. >> marijuana in the center of a city wide feud and politician and police blame each other for all of the problems. we'll have all of the finger pointing coming up in a live report. er's seafood bakes. combination
the east coast. we are seeing a little mix here once again across the arklatex. we have some energy moving in across the west that's going to help this next storm system really get its act together over the next 24 to 48 hours. future radar, we're going to see some snow over the four corners. fresno, you could get measurable snow as well, the first time since 1998. temperatures 27 degrees in fresno, california. then we watch the future radar. a mix of snow, rain and sleet. we could have another ice storm on our hands affecting million also of people sunday into monday. look at the forecast precipitation. where you see pink on your screen, that's where we could see some measurable ice on the roadways. on the power lines, we could have power outages for days, if not weeks, if this ice storm pans out to what we think it could. again, the radar is going to show you where we see the potential for the heavy snow across the rockies. we'll also see several inches of snow. the midwest across the tennessee river valley. here's the concern sunday into monday. where you see the pinks and purples. that
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simple. nuclear electricity or nuclear energy, yes. nuclear enrichment, no. they can be like sweden of mexico. electricity, yes. enrichment, no. >> we have to leave it there. thank you so much for your time today. we know that the prime minister said today that he preferred diplomatic means but israel keeps all things on the table. >> we would prefer a diplomatic solution if it will be comprehensive and satisfactory solution. >> all right. minister, thank you very much for your time today. the world will be watching these next six months. >> thank you. >>> all right. this week's out of the box segment, this one focuses on attorney general eric holder. this comes from jeff hendrick via twitter. have there been any developments on the holder impeachment filing? you'll remember that last month a group of congressional republicans introduced this measure accusing the attorney general for lying to congress and failing to uphold federal laws. house speaker john boehner will have to act on it to get it moving. that's not happening. thanks to jeff for writing in. you can reach us all of the
of carbon monoxide. plus rete access to your home. even corol your thermostat to lsave energy. get adt installed arting at just $79. plus a camera at no additional charge. that's a total savings of over $450 -- adt's best holiday offer. for everything that matters most. ♪ adt. always ere. .. >>> time for a quick check of the headlines, senator rand paul says there is at least one member of his family who is not quite on board yet with his potential 2016 run for the white house. and that of course, is his wife. the republican senator has already made several visits to key presidential states such as iowa and new hampshire. >>> police in pennsylvania say a couple married for just three weeks allegedly lured a man to his death with a craigslist ad because they wanted to kill someone together. the suspects told investigators their plan never worked out until last month when a victim responded to an on-line posting that promised companionship in return for money. >>> and robinson cano of the yankees is leaving his team here in new york to suit up with the seattle mariners. the contract re
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7